WEBINAR REPLAY: Drive Down Your Network Complexity With Advanced Automation

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WEBINAR REPLAY: Drive Down Your Network Complexity With Advanced Automation

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Chip Boyle | Ribbon Communications
Chip Boyle
VP, Systems Engineering
Ribbon Communications
Prasanna Vijayakumar | Ribbon Communications
Prasanna Vijayakumar
Senior Manager, Solutions Marketing
Ribbon Communications
Service providers are spending billions of dollars a year dealing with network outages, service degradation and growing security threats. The increase in network traffic is a key factor resulting in these challenges. Consequently, automation is considered critical to enabling service providers to address operations and management issues resulting from this traffic increase. The traditional rules-based approach to implementing automation will not be sufficient to support the level of activity needed to control, manage and secure the network.

To address these challenges, service providers are turning to advanced analytics techniques that are flexible, adaptive, and intelligent. In this on-demand webinar, we discuss how machine learning (ML)-based analytics, as an advanced analytics function, can enhance service providers' automation objectives with capabilities to detect and resolve network issues, plan network growth, optimize network performance, prevent security threats, reclaim revenue leakage, and more.

Key topics include:

  • Value proposition on the role of ML-based analytics and automation in addressing the operator's business challenges
  • Data modeling complexity today, and where is it going
  • Use cases where ML can be deployed to address network operations, fraud challenges, and to detect correlations between problem areas and underlying protocols and network functions
  • Highlight strategies that operators must adopt to successfully implement ML-based analytics to automate their networks