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Telecom landscape is changing. As the number of connected devices continues its exponential growth, big data revolution is having an impact on telecom operators across the world. Lots of data are readily available in every operators network, such as consumer and enterprise applications, Internet of Things (IoT), network and OSS/BSS operations. As a consequence, Operators are looking for turnkey solutions to deliver detailed insights of their IP voice networks to maintain the Service Level Agreements (SLA) and Quality of Service (QoS) to their customers.

GENView Analytics powerful real time visualization capabilities helps operators:

  • Collect data across GENBANDs network and software elements
  • Develop insights to identify network performance issues
  • Perform retrospective root cause analysis using stored media data
  • Troubleshoot operational problems
  • And Display all of the above in an Intuitive, Interactive and User Customizable interface

Waqar Azeem Waqar Azeem, Director, Product Management, GENBAND

Prasanna Vijayakumar Prasanna Vijayakumar, Product & Solutions Marketing Manager